VirtualCube 3x3x3 Demo

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Learn to Solve Rubik's Cube 3x3x3

Provided of course you know the 99 turns. But why?

We know that this 99-turn has a magic-number which we do not know beforehand. But if we repeat this 99-turn repeatedly, we will reach this magic-number (and a restored Rubik's Cube).

In Group Theory (a university Math course), this magic-number is called the order for this 99-turn. This 99-turn and all its repeats together form a cyclic group of order=magic-number. Interestingly, the 198-turn (consisting of two 99-turns) has a different order which is a divisor of the 99-turn order.

This theory is useful because it re-assures us that the repeat-until-done trick is possible.

But honestly, if you know the 99-turn, you could just do the reversed turns in reversed order.

You can enter a move in DBLFUR notation:
-  Each turn is [DBLFUR]['-i"2]
-  Example 1: FUB2U-F' (5 turns)
-  Example 2: D,L,R",D',L' (5 turns)
-  [DBLFUR]::Down,Back,Left,Front,Up,Right face.
-  By itself, each means clockwise 90° turn.
-  ' or - or i means anticlockwise 90° turn.
-  " or 2 means 180° turn.

or BFR (GANPuzzle) notation:
-  Each turn is [BFR][slice#][#slice][<,>,>>]
-  Example 1: F1>BN<FN>>BN>F1< (5 turns)
-  Example 2: FM>>,B22>,RM<,F*> (4 turns)
-  [BFR]::B (bottom), F (front), R (right) slice.
-  [slice#]::1,2,N(last),M (middle slices),*(all slices)
-  [#slice]::none,2,3,..
-  [<,>,>>]::left 90°,right 90°,180° turn